Terms And Conditions

1.   Please make your booking with sufficient advance notice for your benefit.  Last-minute appointment during peak hours is usually impossible.

2.   We will call you back at your hotel room to confirm and complete the ordering process so please provide unmistaken information including your last name, hotel details and room number.

3.   Prepare your bed for your massage shortly before the appointment time.  We would request that you clear out either your bed for your session prior to the arrival of your therapist.

4.   Have two to three large towels ready.  We value not only your comfort, but also hygiene. Therefore we request that you have ready at least two of your own clean towels ready for your session. 

5.   Please be on time.  Our therapists have a pre-scheduled set of jobs for the day, and therefore it is essential she/he starts and finishes each job on time to give herself/himself ample time to arrive at the next location.  If your session cannot start on time due to your late arrival, we apologize that your session may be shortened as the therapist needs to leave on time. 

6.   Cancellation Policy: Please call us at least 2 hours in advance if you would want to cancel your appointment. cancellation within 2 hours prior to the appointment will incur a HK$200 cancellation fee or the actual 2-way travelling cost, whichever higher, to be borne by the client. Cancallation cannot be made upon the therapist’ arrival.

7.   Your therapist will leave the room to provide you with total privacy to undress to your level of comfort.  You will be draped with towel and/or sheet throughout the course of massage.

8.   Clients are taken to agree with the terms and conditions of our service as stipulated on this web site when ordering a massage.