The following are some of the latest testimonials from our clients.



I felt I was floating on air after my outcall massage with Hongkong massage Dollhouse.
Petersen – IL, USA

After tough day at the office, a brisk Back massage set things right!
John K. – May 2014 at the Peninsula Hotel

These are Whenever I pass through Hong Kong on my way to Singapore, I always have a Hong Kong Style massage. It helps relieve the Jet Lag and makes me feel chipper again. I can then enjoy the sights of Hong Kong for the day until it is time to make my flight. !
Gray – June 2014 at the Renaissance Harbour View

Take the time when you’re here to have a massage. It makes a world of difference. The young woman who did mine was knowledgeable and knew my back better than I do!
Rondy – Jan 2015

I work in Sydney, Brisbane, and Hong Kong on a rotating schedule. Hong Kong is the best city on earth and one reason is the great treatment you get when you are here. MS. Mei my masseuse is one reason I feel so upbeat when I am here she has the magic touch that banishes fatigue away. My aches disappear and I feel like a whole new person.
Samuel R.

The Best thing about a Hong Kong massage is the price. You get treated like a king for 30 minutes to an hour and the price is unbelievable. !
Richard – Jan 2015, Luk Kwok Gloucester

I have back problems. So, when I visit Hong Kong I always call on Miss Yang, she knows TCM and her hands change the pain in my lower back to a feeling of joy and pleasure.
Paul – Dec 2014, at Luxe Manor

I arrived yesterday feeling tired. After a thirty-minute back and neck massage I was right as rain and able to go to dinner. Today I have a meeting and I still feel full of energy and ready to wow them at the presentation.
A.F. – November 2014 at the JW Marriot

After spending, the day shopping and sightseeing my husband treated me to a back massage. The lady was wonderful. She was polite and professional. In only 30 minutes, I felt like a new person. The rest of my time in Hong Kong was blur. But, I will always remember that day.
Timothy – Nov 2014 at the Panorama by Rhombus

Life is short. If you want to experience a little bit of paradise, a Hong Kong Back Massage is it. Once you have one you’ll be hooked for life. I know I am.
Simon T. – Jan 2015

Business in Hong Kong is booming. But it is hard work. To take the edge off I call the massage people at Hongkong Massage Dollhouse and they have someone sent over tut sweet. The trained hands of a Hong Kong massage specialist from Hongkong Massage Dollhouse makes a world of difference after a backbreaking round of meeting and negotiations.

I would recommend it to anyone who comes here to do business or pleasure as well.
Aldridge from MN, USA

If you want to feel like a million. Get your back done here. The Hongkong Massage Dollhouse girlknew her stuff and in an hour I was had more energy that I’ve ever had before. At my age, that is saying something. Try it for yourself and see.
Carl Young – Dec 2013, Cityview Hotel