Ass Good Ass It Gets

She rules Hong Kong’s underbelly like a colossus, not with an overt invitation to power but with her seductive glare. It’s in her, blended in her skillful embrace of her tantric massage trade. A masseuse par excellence, she is the embodiment of a lusty feel restrained to slowly fill you with raunchy anticipation. Her tantric massage service is more than an experience, it is a journey into exploring your sensual needs and thirsts.

She lights her scented candles filing the room with a wooden, sophisticated feel; a minimalist yet endearing ambiance that borders on the deceptive. She is a strike of wonder. The lighting is a soothing shade of azure, the color of mystical beauty drowned in a deliberate sensual restraint. She is all that you need. Her lighting sets the tone, a complement between the beautiful shades and the unforgettable seductive aroma.

You won’t miss her body, the embodiment of erotic perfection with a soft crouch muffled by two fleshly thighs. Her small supple breasts stand straight on her body, erect, shy, pointed and sturdy. If her body had a name it would be, inviting. For it throws a voluptuous image into your mind that is hard to shake off-and why would you want to shake it off anyway?

Her place is the culmination of a deliberate attempt at creating a sexual spectacle. It is minimalist, artsy, and comely. A place that blends well the erotic love and a hedonistic lust that homes in a powerful romantic knots.

But her magic is her experience. It’s in her brief but prolific thrill of exploring sensual pleasure in all its fullness. She is adept, seductively passionate and exciting. It’s in her to elicit in you a deeper yearning for sensual exploration and kinky love. Her sable black nipples contrast with her lighter Asian features to make her a work of feminine art.

Its in her bubbly personality and youthful exuberance that she avails to you a solemn moment of bonding and erotic compulsion. And even better is that she is able to create that environment right within your home. This is her world, her craft, her skill, her passion, her ability to soothe you with sensual prowess.

As her client, she believes in discretion above all. It’s in her to listen to you and journey with you into a seductive experience that uniquely fits your sensual fantasies. She meets your need with such calmness and professional finesse and agility. It’s her ability to wear down your inhibitions and massage your groin as she explores your pelvis, and delivers a deep massage into you lower body that makes her what you need.

Our psychological makeups, our emotional baggage and relationship issues can easily shut us down to desire for such exploration. Even then you are never beyond reach-everyone can fully explore the hidden recesses of his erotic thoughts and feelings.

Her kit of trade comprises massage towels, scented oils and candles, clean and soft sheets and pillows. Most importantly it is her youthful body with bubbly ass that draws nudges you on.