My First Happy-Ending Massage

I arrived in Hong Kong about three in the afternoon. My flight had a three hour layover in Hawaii and I was late to check in. I was pretty beat and thought that a good massage would help take the edge off. After checking in at my hotel, I hailed another cab over and asked the pleasant driver to take me to the best massage parlor he knew in town. We got there shortly and after paying him, I strolled into the parlor not sure what to expect.

The first masseuse that I bumped into before getting to the reception was like a flower begging to get plucked. She wore pink short shorts and a white blouse that revealed more than it was able to hide. I could see her rock-hard nipples peering through her blouse. She enquired if I had ever had a happy-ending massage before. It was my first time and I felt a bit shy saying it. “Do I need to have an appointment?” I asked. Usually, I’d need one but they weren’t so busy and I was scheduled in.

Almost immediately I was within the confines of a dreamy massage room lying on the table. I waited with bated breath for my masseuse to come in. Shortly, a petite girl walked in dressed in a skirt that barely reached the middle of her thighs. She was carrying some towels and some corked bottles that I presumed contained the massage oils. When she bent over to move my shoes, I noticed she didn’t have any underwear on. She must have seen my delighted reaction because she responded by saying it was too hot to wear any.

Her hand rested on my thigh as she teasingly told me I’d soon be back for more after my experience with her. She was seductive and I could already feel a tingling sensation all over my body. With her other hand, she drizzled some scented oil on my chest and began her assault on my senses. As her hands caressed my shoulders and chest, my breath suddenly became deeper. She smiled and slowly slid one hand between my sturdy legs. I was expecting it and wanted it too but I couldn’t help letting out a loud gasp.

She moved her hands in a rhythmic fashion and I found myself inching my feet wide apart. The more she stroked and caressed, the more my legs inched apart. They were almost hanging off the massage table at this point. I wanted more of her. I wanted her to be more daring but I wasn’t sure how to ask her. However, I didn’t have to ask. She knew the right buttons to press at the right time.

Ass Good Ass It Gets

She rules Hong Kong’s underbelly like a colossus, not with an overt invitation to power but with her seductive glare. It’s in her, blended in her skillful embrace of her tantric massage trade. A masseuse par excellence, she is the embodiment of a lusty feel restrained to slowly fill you with raunchy anticipation. Her tantric massage service is more than an experience, it is a journey into exploring your sensual needs and thirsts.

She lights her scented candles filing the room with a wooden, sophisticated feel; a minimalist yet endearing ambiance that borders on the deceptive. She is a strike of wonder. The lighting is a soothing shade of azure, the color of mystical beauty drowned in a deliberate sensual restraint. She is all that you need. Her lighting sets the tone, a complement between the beautiful shades and the unforgettable seductive aroma.

You won’t miss her body, the embodiment of erotic perfection with a soft crouch muffled by two fleshly thighs. Her small supple breasts stand straight on her body, erect, shy, pointed and sturdy. If her body had a name it would be, inviting. For it throws a voluptuous image into your mind that is hard to shake off-and why would you want to shake it off anyway?

Her place is the culmination of a deliberate attempt at creating a sexual spectacle. It is minimalist, artsy, and comely. A place that blends well the erotic love and a hedonistic lust that homes in a powerful romantic knots.

But her magic is her experience. It’s in her brief but prolific thrill of exploring sensual pleasure in all its fullness. She is adept, seductively passionate and exciting. It’s in her to elicit in you a deeper yearning for sensual exploration and kinky love. Her sable black nipples contrast with her lighter Asian features to make her a work of feminine art.

Its in her bubbly personality and youthful exuberance that she avails to you a solemn moment of bonding and erotic compulsion. And even better is that she is able to create that environment right within your home. This is her world, her craft, her skill, her passion, her ability to soothe you with sensual prowess.

As her client, she believes in discretion above all. It’s in her to listen to you and journey with you into a seductive experience that uniquely fits your sensual fantasies. She meets your need with such calmness and professional finesse and agility. It’s her ability to wear down your inhibitions and massage your groin as she explores your pelvis, and delivers a deep massage into you lower body that makes her what you need.

Our psychological makeups, our emotional baggage and relationship issues can easily shut us down to desire for such exploration. Even then you are never beyond reach-everyone can fully explore the hidden recesses of his erotic thoughts and feelings.

Her kit of trade comprises massage towels, scented oils and candles, clean and soft sheets and pillows. Most importantly it is her youthful body with bubbly ass that draws nudges you on.

Amazing Hong Kong Massage in Wanchai, Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui and Central

Ivy TamSo there I was, stuck in this meeting room at the Tsimshatsui hotel in Hong Kong and all I could think of was how tired and stressed out I was. The room was stuffy, the meeting was stagnant, and all I wanted to do was get up and walk out. This was my first business trip to Wanchai and Central areas of Hong Kong, and I hadn’t ventured outside the hotel at all. I had spent the last three days having contract meetings with the clients. On the last day, I was drained. I needed an outlet, some way to just escape from all the numbers and overly technical words jumping my head non-stop.

So, since it was my last night, I decided to live on the edge a bit. A co-worker of mine had recommended an outcall tantric massage service in Hong Kong that I could have come directly to my hotel room. It was unlike me to take advantage of such a daring venture, but I figured it was time I treated myself. So, I decided to use the outcall massage service.

That night, after dinner, I was nervous. What if I didn’t like the massage girl? Then, there was a soft knock at my hotel room door. I found myself hurrying to open it. As soon as the door cracked open a few inches, I felt my own eyes widen at the sight before me. This was fantastic. The woman standing in my doorway could only be described as simply stunning. Her hair was long, black, and silky, her make-up was just enough to dazzle, and she wore a black coat, wrapped tightly around her small frame. She smile demurely at me, and asked if she could come in. I stammered a bit, forgetting how to speak for a second, then ushered her in.

She asked me to disrobe and lay down on the bed, very professionally. I offered her something to drink or eat, but she said she was very eager to begin relaxing me. I laid down on the bed. She then disrobed herself and she was wearing a dainty negligee under her coat that was flattering to say the least. She looked down at me and gave me a reassuring smile. She was very quiet, and very beautiful. She then told me we would begin our tantric massage session, and that I need to take some deep breaths in and out to relax my body. I did so as she slowly began to rub my shoulders and back with a great smelling oil that just awoke my senses right away. I felt as if I was being transported out of my miserable business state of mind and into a paradise garden with the hands of a goddess all over me.

She worked on me for what seemed like hours with the oil, and I could feel the tips of her long hair skimming my back as she moved up and down. My co-worker had been so right. I needed this. The lovely masseuse definitely had some serious skills with her hands. I was tingling in places I didn’t even know I had! She worked her magic up and down, from my neck, to my back, my hips, and down my legs. Then she asked me to turn over on to my back so she could access the front. I felt a tinge of excitement, and did as she asked. She was still smiling and really seemed to be enjoying herself. She asked me if there was anything I wanted or needed. I told her I just wanted to let go of all my tension. She laughed knowingly and said she would definitely get that taken care of. And she did. More so than I can remember in years.

I felt so refreshed and at ease the next day. I was back in business. The experience I had was so easy and satisfying that I could not wait to come back to Hong Kong and experience her massage again.